Chacombe - Building / landscaping

Chacombe – Building / landscaping


Reclaimed bricks on outbuilding – Indian Stone slabs and dwarf walls – Dry stone walls – brick steps in front of Indian Stone slabs


In September last year I used Darren Churchill and Paul Williams to build extensions at my house in Bloxham. They have built a single storey extension at the front which comprised of a double garage and bay front to the living room plus a two storey extension to the rear. The front extension was built in brick and the rear in block. They have also built in all the structural steel work internally. This was not an easy job as the extensions are large and there has been a large amount of steel work which has been vital to maintain the structural integrity of the house.

During the course of the build they have helped me source suppliers and trades which has saved me a considerable amount of money. They also helped in providing information to my suppliers to enable them to supply the correct materials and quantities. They always arrive on time when they say they will and if there is any reason they might be late or unable to make it they always keep me informed.

They have carried out the work to a high standard always keeping me informed and I am happy with the finished project.

Peter Duncombe